History of ZeeBows
I began making hair bows for my daughter right after she was born. I was constantly being asked where I bought them. When I
would tell them that I was the one making them, I would usually be asked to make hair bows for them. I really didn't think too much
of it until my daughter started competing in beauty pageants. I was still getting requests for hair bows so I decided to give it a try. I
bought some ribbon and worked with it until I was finally able to come up a really cute and unique design. Over the years I have
added on other styles of hair bows including the ponytail streamer, the cute as a button clippy, and cheer bows.

My mother began helping me with the business and soon we added on customized denim overalls. These overalls are decorated
with fabrics such as collegiate teams, cartoon characters and fashion prints. These are offered for both girls and boys.

The most commonly asked question that I get asked is, "how did you come up with the name ZeeBows?" The credit for the name
goes to my daughter Lindsay. I began making the hair bows to sell when she was still very young and just learning how to talk
well. She always had a hard time pronouncing her name, so she would shorten it and call herself "Zee". One day while I was
making some hair bows, she walked up and pointed to the hair bow and said, "Zee's bow?" As soon as I heard it, I knew that had
to be the name of the company.

With that, ZeeBows was born.